So You Want To Be A Coach?

Listen... becoming a coach is risky.

What if no one hires you?

Will you be able to get enough clients? 

How will you pay the bills?

Do you even know where to begin?

You could lose everything...

I know because I did.

Let me help you skip the "TRIAL & ERROR" phase of starting a coaching business in this on-demand MasterClass.
Hosted by
Mindie Kniss, MFA, PhD
Founder & CEO, Lucra®
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I'll share with you the Top 3 Mistakes I made when starting my coaching business (and what you should do instead).

These mistakes left me:

  • Evicted from my apartment,
  • With my house foreclosed,
  • Living out of my office and eventually,
  • Filing for bankruptcy.

NOT exactly what I had in mind when I left Corporate America to fulfill my dream to become a coach.

It's been over 13 years since then, and I've figured out the skills and structure to build a sustainable 6-figure+ coaching business.

If there's anything I can do to help you get started and avoid the mistakes I made, I'm here for it.

Join me as I pull back the curtain and reveal what starting a coaching business is really like.  I'll  give you the insights I wish I had back then.

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Over the years I have:
  • coached industry leaders
  • run a mid-6-figure business + team of 7
  • published a bestselling book
  • been featured in 2 films
  • presented my message on stages around the globe
But I promise you...
I didn't start out with special knowledge about business.
I just had an intense desire to help people wake up to their potential.
I'm assuming you have that same desire.
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